Hip-focused eZine
Posermag.com – started in 2008 – is the leading Italian Social Photography eZine. Following our mission and documenting the leaders of Urban Underground in Italy gave Posermag the credibility to be en vogue and offer third parties the opportunity to explore and live this lifestyle as well. Posermag is an indispensable style guide, cultural reference and source of entertainment for a highly influential audience and has become the on-line source for Italian trendsetters – featuring latest happenings and goings on in nightlife, music, fashion, art and design.

Characteristics & Interests, Age, Gender
People who enjoy our eZine range, from high-profile professionals to students and bohemians in their twenties who are interested in creative lifestyle.
Intelligent, affluent, stylish, influential, individual.
Urban sophisticates, cultural trendsetters, students with artistic bents.
Age: 20-35. Female/male.

The core audience
Posermag’s visitors are predominantly from Italy, but we are also followed by the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, the United States, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Spain and Germany.
Who else takes a glimpse at Milan’s Underground Scene?
The remaining visitors of the website are from the following countries: Japan, Taiwan, Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Turkey… and many more.

We deliver while the target is still talking about
You want Posermag to be the Media Partner of your event/party/presentation/ workshop? The service includes the posting of the flyer/communication on the blog prior to the event and its recommendation on the “Save the date” section. The photo- gallery will be posted the day after the event. The gallery will be visible forever going “back to the future”.